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Geotermika is the first serbian manufacturer of heat pumps of the new generation, which includes microprocessor controller, flat heat exchanger, scroll compressor.

Heat pump Geotermika is the first and only serbian heat pump which has been tested on Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade University.

The latest edition of heat pumps Geotermika is named GeoSmart.
Those heat pumps are designed to work either with water/water system (system with underground water-well) or ground/water system (system with geosondes, horizontal tubes).


Processor used with Geotermika's heat pump GeoSmart has the following built-in functions: 

  • Heating
  • Passive cooling (five times lower power consumption than in active cooling systems)
  • Heating of sanitary water
  • Synchronized work with solar collectors
  • Possibility for surveillance cameras controlled via internet

All of those functions can be used separately or combined according to customer's needs.

Geotermika's heat pump is assembled with the high quality components made by eminent manufacturers:

  • Microprocessor from Italian manufacturer 
  • Flat heat exchangers from Sweden manufacturer
  • American Copeland Scroll Compressor (the leading scroll compressor manufacturer in the world)

Heat pump GeoSmart is filled with “Eco-friendly” freon, which satisfies European Environmental Protection standards.
With its compact design heat pump easily fit into interior of your home or office building and noise level is reduced to minimum of 40dB.
Geotermika's heat pump warranty period is 2 years by default with possibility of extending to 5 years.

Description of the components assembled in the heat pump Geotermika GeoSmart


Microprocessor with over one hundred adjustable parameters and  functions takes care of process controlling, monitoring and protection of all the elements of heating system.Colored icons on the display shows which elements of the system are in operation (circulation pump, water well pump, compressor). Precisely on the tenth of a degree Celsius shows the temperature of the inlet and outlet water in primary and secondary circuit. Also selection of functions and operating parameters is very simple.


Copeland scroll compressor is, with no doubt, one of the best in the world by quality, according to vast opinion of experts in heat pump domain. Copeland scroll compressor provides highest utilisation factor and long life span of heat pumps made by Geotermika. Copeland scroll compressors are the only choice for every serious manufacturer of heat pumps around the globe.

Heat Exchangers:

Flat heat exchangers are made of high quality stainless steel AISI 316. Heat exchanging area is maximized with ribs. Flat heat exchangers are tested under pressure of 45 bar, provide high efficiency, safe and long life.


To get maximum gain and best results using the Geotermika heat pumps it's desirable to have well heat insulation of the building. Our recommendation for heat insulation is StiroFert company which offers high quality insulation materials.

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